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The Orders and Rules of Racing


58. Application and interpretation of Part 6

58.1 This Part applies to any Person who is

58.1.1 a Jockey,
58.1.2 a Person who holds an Amateur Rider's Permit granted by the Authority, and
58.1.3 an Overseas Rider who is to ride, or who rides, in a race under these Rules,

and who is not suspended from riding by the Authority or by any other Recognised Racing Authority.

58.2 Such Persons are referred to in this Part as Riders.

58.3 In this Part

analysis of a sample means an analysis carried out by any laboratory which is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service and which is for the time being approved by the Authority for the testing of Samples taken from Riders;
banned substance

58.3.1 means a substance listed in Part 1 of Schedule 3, and
58.3.2 includes any isomer or diagnostic metabolite of the substance;

notifiable medication means any substance listed in Part 2 of Schedule 3;
the Protocol means the Protocol referred to in Rule 60.2;
sample, in relation to a Rider, means urine, breath, blood, hair, sweat or saliva.