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The Orders and Rules of Racing


61. Duties as to medical examination and compliance with the Protocol for sampling procedures

61.1 A Rider must comply with the procedures established in the Protocol.
61.2 In particular, a Rider must when required to do so

61.2.1 submit to a medical examination,
61.2.2 undertake a breath test, and
61.2.3 supply or allow other Samples to be taken from him.

61.3 Sampling (including breath testing) may be carried out at any time on a racecourse in accordance with the Protocol.
61.4 Sampling (including breath testing) may also be carried out off-course in accordance with the Protocol.
61.5 In relation to any finding that a Rider has failed or refused to provide a Sample, a departure from the Protocol shall invalidate the finding only if the Rider satisfies the Authority that

61.5.1 there has been a departure from the Protocol, and
61.5.2 it materially contributed to the Rider's failure or refusal to provide the Sample.