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The Orders and Rules of Racing


63. Duty to notify a Notifiable medication and restriction on riding

63.1 Where a medical practitioner prescribes a Notifiable Medication for a Rider, or a Rider otherwise intends to take a Notifiable Medication, the Rider

63.1.1 must immediately inform the Chief Medical Adviser, and
63.1.2 whilst he is taking the medication, may not ride in any race run under these Rules or under the rules of any Recognised Racing Authority unless he has first obtained the Chief Medical Adviser's written consent under Paragraph 63.2.

63.2 The Chief Medical Adviser may give his consent to a Rider continuing to ride whilst taking a Notifiable Medication if Chief Medical Adviser considers that the Rider will be fit to do so.
63.3 For the purpose of enabling the Chief Medical Adviser to make an assessment, the Rider must provide him with

63.3.1 written confirmation that he has been prescribed the Notifiable Medication,
63.3.2 a report from his medical practitioner stating the diagnosed condition, the anticipated period of treatment and the current diagnosis for recovery, and
63.3.3 permission for the Chief Medical Adviser to contact the Rider's medical practitioner or specialist and to obtain from them such further medical reports and history as the Chief Medical Adviser may reasonably require.

63.4 If the Chief Medical Adviser requires him to do so, the Rider must also

63.4.1 produce a copy of the prescription, and
63.4.2 submit to any medical examination to be carried out by the Chief Medical Adviser or by an independent medical practitioner nominated by him.

63.5 The Chief Medical Adviser may, if he considers it necessary to do so, recommend to the Authority that the Rider's licence be suspended

63.5.1 for such reasonable period as will allow the Chief Medical Adviser properly to assess the Rider's fitness to ride,
63.5.2 until the course of medication is completed, or
63.5.3 until the Rider's medical status no longer gives cause for concern.