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The Orders and Rules of Racing


65. Consequences of positive test for banned substance

65.1 Subject to Rule 66, if a Sample from a Rider tests positive for a Banned Substance, the Rider shall be taken to have contravened a requirement imposed on him by this Rule.
65.2 Paragraph 65.1 does not apply where a Sample was taken off-course, the Banned Substance is alcohol and the Rider had no forthcoming professional riding engagements of any description on the day on which the Sample was taken.
65.3 The Authority will not take Disciplinary Action against a Rider if he satisfies the Authority that the presence of a Banned Substance is attributable to

63.3.1 the injection or consumption of medical compounds or proprietary medicines, in normal or recommended quantities, which is entirely for a recognised medical purpose other than the treatment of drug addiction or dependency, or
63.3.2 the ingestion of food or other nutritional substances in the ordinary course of dietary nourishment.

65.4 Where the medical compound or proprietary medicine referred to in Paragraph 65.3.1 is supplied only on prescription made out by a medical practitioner, it shall be presumed that the presence of the substance was not attributable to a recognised medical purpose unless the Rider provides to the Chief Medical Adviser or the Authority, on request

65.4.1 a copy of the prescription in the name of the Rider which was valid at the time of sampling,
65.4.2 a written confirmation of the prescription from a medical practitioner, or
65.4.3 an explanation acceptable to the Authority which accounts for the presence of the medical compound or proprietary medicine.

65.5 For the purposes of any Disciplinary Action taken for contravention of this Rule, the contravention shall be taken to have occurred on the date the Rider was selected for sampling.