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The Orders and Rules of Racing


13. Scheme of this Part

13.1 This Part imposes restrictions on the carrying out of activities connected with horseracing and requires Persons intending to carry out the activities in Great Britain

13.1.1 to hold the appropriate licence or permit, or
13.1.2 to secure that the names of any horse, owner or stable employee is entered in the appropriate register.

13.2 The effect of the restrictions in this Part is that

13.2.1 a licence or permit is required for any Person who acts as a trainer, a Jockey or an amateur rider, a valet to a rider (referred in this Manual as a master valet), an assistant to a master valet (referred in this Manual as an assistant valet), or a rider's agent;

13.2.2 a licence is required to hold an authorised race meeting at any racecourse;
13.2.3 the names of any horse which is trained in Great Britain and runs at an authorised race meeting must be entered in a register maintained by the Authority;
13.2.4 the name of the owner of any such horse must be entered in a register maintained by the Authority; and
13.2.5 the names of stable employees must be entered in a register maintained by the Authority.

13.3 Rules 23 to 25 make provision as to the Authority's general powers under these Rules in connection with

13.3.1 the grant, refusal, withdrawal or suspension of any licence or permit, or
13.3.2 the making, modification or cancellation of any entry in a register maintained by the Authority under these Rules.