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The Orders and Rules of Racing


14. Trainer's licences and trainer's permits

14.1 A Person in Great Britain may not train a horse which runs in a race under these Rules unless

14.1.1 he holds a trainer's licence or a trainer's permit granted by the Authority in accordance with the Trainer Manual (C),
14.1.2 the horse is trained outside Great Britain and the trainer is duly qualified as a trainer in the country where the horse is trained, or
14.1.3 he is training a horse solely for the purpose of Hunters' Steeple Chases, the Grand Military Gold Cup or the Royal Artillery Gold Cup.

14.2 Requirements applying to all Persons to whom Paragraph 14.1 applies are specified in the Trainer Manual (C), along with detailed provisions about licences and permits granted by the Authority (including how to apply).
14.3 The provisions of Schedule 9 specify procedures applicable to the consideration and determination of applications.
14.4 Hunters' Steeple Chase means a weight-for-age steeple chase which is confined

14.4.1 to horses certified by a Master of Hounds to have been hunted, and
14.4.2 to Amateur Riders.