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The Orders and Rules of Racing


23. Application procedures for Persons requiring licences, permits or registration

23.1 In respect of an application for

23.1.1 a licence or permit,
23.1.2 the renewal of a licence or permit,
23.1.3 registration in any register maintained by the Authority under these Rules,

the provisions of Schedule 9 specify procedures applicable to the consideration and determination of those applications.

23.2 Each application shall be considered individually on its merits.
23.3 At any time after receiving an application and before determining it, the Authority may require an applicant to provide it with such further information as it reasonably considers necessary to determine the application.
23.4 The Authority may require an applicant to provide information which he is requested to provide under this Rule in such form, or to verify it in such way, as the Authority may direct.
23.5 The Authority must notify the applicant of its decision on the application by a written notice.