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The Orders and Rules of Racing


24. The Authority's general powers as to licences and permits

24.1 Where an application for a licence or permit is made to the Authority in accordance with the relevant application procedure, the Authority may

24.1.1 grant the application,
24.1.2 grant it subject to restrictions or conditions, or
24.1.3 refuse the application.

24.2 The Authority may on an application or on its own initiative

24.2.1 withdraw any licence or permit it has granted,
24.2.2 suspend it,
24.2.3 renew it,
24.2.4 renew it subject to conditions, or
24.2.5 refuse to renew it

24.3 The Authority may refuse an application for a licence or permit if it is not accompanied by the appropriate fee specified in Schedule 1, but this does not limit the power of the Authority to refuse an application for other reasons.