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The Orders and Rules of Racing


46. Conduct of enquiries and costs

46.1 The Authority may determine the process and procedures applying in connection with the conduct of enquiries into

46.1.1 possible contraventions of these Rules, or
46.1.2 whether to take Disciplinary Action in relation to any person under these Rules.

46.2 The Authority may order any of the Persons listed in Paragraph 46.3 to pay

46.2.1 such reasonable costs and expenses relating to an enquiry, and
46.2.2 such reasonable compensation for outlay incurred in connection with it

as the Authority may determine.

46.3 The listed Persons are

46.3.1 any Person found to be in contravention of these Rules or on whom any award, order or other sanction has been imposed,
46.3.2 any Person who, under Part 7, has brought an unsuccessful appeal to the Authority against a decision of the Stewards,
46.3.3 the Trainer of any horse which has been the subject of an examination under these Rules, and
46.3.4 any Person whose conduct in relation to an enquiry was such that the Authority considers it has unreasonably prolonged the enquiry, or it has put the Authority or any other Person involved to additional direct or indirect expense and inconvenience.

46.4 Subject to Paragraph 46.5, the Authority may order the Trainer and/or owner to pay up to a total of £500 towards the costs of the B sample analysis procedure set out in Schedule (G)4.
46.5 For the Authority to make an order it must be satisfied that either the Trainer and/or owner should have accepted the result of the analysis of the A sample having regard to the knowledge of and the information which was available to one or other of them at the time.
46.6 The Authority may order any Person

46.6.1 who has requested and been granted an adjournment of an enquiry under these Rules, or
46.6.2 whose conduct may, in whole or in part, have caused an enquiry to be adjourned

to pay such reasonable costs and expenses as were wasted or occasioned by the adjournment and as the Authority may determine, irrespective of the final outcome of the enquiry.