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The Orders and Rules of Racing


48. Appointment of approved persons

48.1 The Authority may approve such Persons as it considers appropriate for the purposes of exercising any of the following powers and may authorise them to

48.1.1 enter premises for training horses which are owned, controlled or occupied by a Trainer,
48.1.2 examine horses under the care of a Trainer,
48.1.3 request any information or record from any Person subject to these Rules,
48.1.4 inspect any vehicle used or to be used for the transportation of any horse or licensed Person to or from a racecourse,
48.1.5 take samples of any feedstuffs or feed additives or of any other substances or materials,
48.1.6 take custody of any vehicle, or of any substance or material, investigated under Paragraph 48.1.4 or 48.1.5, and
48.1.7 conduct a search of any Person present on licensed premises and take samples or custody of any article or materials found on such persons.

48.2 In exercising any such powers, an Approved Person must, if required to do so, produce evidence from the Authority of

48.2.1 his appointment, and
48.2.2 the scope of the investigating powers conferred on him.

48.3 In this Part Approved Person means a Person approved by the Authority under this Rule.