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The Orders and Rules of Racing


49. Powers to search training premises

49.1 An Approved Person may enter any premises for training horses which the terms of his appointment authorise him to enter.
49.2 On entering premises, the Approved Person may

49.2.1 inspect the premises and their facilities,
49.2.2 inspect any vehicles used or to be used in connection with the training activity and whether or not present at the premises,
49.2.3 examine any horse under the care of the Trainer, whether or not it is currently in training,
49.2.4 conduct identification and vaccination checks,
49.2.5 inspect and take copies of the records a Trainer is required to keep under Rule (C)13 (duty to keep medication records),
49.2.6 take samples and other relevant details of any feedstuffs or feed additives or of any other substances or materials, and
49.2.7 take custody of any vehicle, substance or material investigated under Paragraph 49.

49.3 An examination under Rule 48.1.2 and Paragraph 49.2.3 may include taking samples for subsequent analysis.
49.4 A Person must not hinder or obstruct an Approved Person when the Approved Person is carrying out an investigation under this Part.
49.5 A Person shall be taken to have contravened a requirement imposed on him by this Rule if the Authority considers that he has

49.5.1 unreasonably refused an approved person access to premises, or
49.5.2 failed without reasonable excuse to comply with any requirement properly made by an Approved Person in exercise of his powers.