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The Orders and Rules of Racing


50. Requirement to provide information or records

50.1 This Rule applies where an Approved Person requests any Person who is subject to these Rules to provide any information or record which the Approved Person reasonably believes is relevant to an investigation conducted under this Part.
50.2 that Person shall be taken to have contravened a requirement imposed on him by this Rule if

50.2.1 he fails to supply the information or record to the Authority within the time and in the manner specified when the request was made,
50.2.2 he fails to agree a time and place for an interview within the time specified when the request was made, or
50.2.3 he fails to attend such an interview.

50.3 Paragraph 50.2 does not apply if

50.3.1 that Person satisfies the Authority that he had good cause for his failure, or
50.3.2 the information or record requested falls within a category listed in Paragraph 50.4 and the request is made without prior specific authorisation from the Authority.

50.4 The listed categories of information are

50.4.1 telephone billing accounts for specified periods which are relevant to an investigation,
50.4.2 records relating to sponsorship agreements, where payment, hospitality or gratuities are involved,
50.4.3 training accounts providing details of payments and the Persons by whom the payments were made,
50.4.4 accounts in relation to the sale and purchase of horses, and
50.4.5 betting accounts.

50.5 that Person shall remain subject to these Rules until he has complied with the request to the reasonable satisfaction of the Authority.
50.6 Any Person who provides any information or record in accordance with this Rule is, unless the originals are returned within 7 days, entitled to request and be provided with a copy or duplicate of it within a reasonable time of making a request.
50.7 The Authority may summarily take any of the following measures in relation to any Person who contravenes a requirement imposed on him by this Rule:

50.7.1 exclusion under Rule 64;
50.7.2 a restriction preventing any of horses in training with that Person from running under these Rules;
50.7.3 a suspension of any or all horses owned by that Person from running in races under Rule 75;
50.7.4 a suspension from riding in races under these Rules;

The taking of any of the above summary measures shall be without prejudice to the Authority's power to take any further Disciplinary Action.