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The Orders and Rules of Racing


52. General power to deal with matters relating to racing

52.1 The Authority may deal with any matter relating to racing whether the matter arises in Great Britain or elsewhere.
52.2 In particular, the Authority may

52.2.1 impose a Disciplinary Penalty or Penalties on any Person who contravenes a requirement imposed on him by or under these Rules,
52.2.2 on certain specified other grounds, apply such other award, order or sanction as it has power to apply under these Rules both in relation to Persons who are subject to these Rules and to other Persons,
52.2.3 disqualify horses in relation to races that have already been run, and
52.2.4 suspend horses from running in future races.

52.3 The powers of the Authority extend to conduct that has already been considered by Stewards under the Race Manual (B) and, in such cases, the Authority's powers apply

52.3.1 irrespective of any decision or action taken by the Stewards, and
52.3.2 whether or not the matter was referred to the Authority by the Stewards under Part (B)1.

52.4 Where

52.4.1 a Person has failed to comply with a requirement imposed on him by or under these Rules, or
52.4.2 has engaged in any other conduct in respect of which the Authority has power to take Disciplinary Action under these Rules,

the Authority may decide not to take any Disciplinary Action against the Person if he satisfies the Authority that, in all the circumstances, there was good cause for the failure or conduct.

52.5 Except where expressly stated, the Authority's powers to take Disciplinary Action under these Rules are not limited or excluded by reason of the fact that some Rules do while others do not prescribe specific sanctions for their contravention.