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The Orders and Rules of Racing


59. Additional penalties: trainers

59.1 This Rule applies where the Offender is a Trainer, and any penalty that is imposed under this Rule is in addition to any other penalty, award, order or sanction applied under these Rules.
59.2 The Authority may impose, for such period or periods as the Authority considers appropriate, such restrictions as it may specify on the running of all horses which are in the Trainer's care.
59.3 In particular, such restrictions may include

59.3.1 refusing to accept any entry for a horse,
59.3.2 refusing to allow any horse to run even if it is duly entered,
59.3.3 where a horse has left the care of the Trainer and run in a race, refusing to allow the horse to return to the care of the Trainer, and
59.3.4 refusing to allow any horse to be declared to run under Part (F)6.

59.4 Paragraphs 59.3.1 and 59.3.4 do not apply to any horse running in a race that will be run outside the period of the restriction.