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The Orders and Rules of Racing


61. Additional penalties: rider's suspension extended to all racecourses

61.1 This Rule applies where the Offender is a Rider, and any penalty that is imposed under this Rule is in addition to any other penalty, award, order or sanction applied under these Rules.
61.2 Where the Stewards have suspended a Rider from riding at a particular racecourse for any period

61.2.1 the Rider is to be regarded for the purposes of Rule 53 as a Person guilty of misconduct and against whom it is appropriate for the Authority to take Disciplinary Action, and
61.2.2 subject to the exceptions specified in Rule 62, the Authority will impose on the Rider a general suspension for the same period and which applies to all races at other racecourses.

61.3 Subject to Paragraph 61.4, any suspension imposed by the Authority under this Rule shall take effect in accordance with Schedule (B)1 (effective days for riding suspension by Stewards).
61.4 The Authority may, if it considers it appropriate to do so, substitute a different period in which the general suspension under this Rule will apply, in any case where

61.4.1 the Rider's suspension is for a period of 4 days or less,
61.4.2 the Rider makes an application to the Authority in accordance with Paragraph 61.5, confirming that he is engaged to ride outside Great Britain, and
61.4.3 the Authority is satisfied that, without a substitution of the period under this Paragraph, the Rider's general suspension would otherwise fall on a day when the Rider is engaged to ride outside Great Britain in a race which takes place at a meeting with a Group 1 Pattern Race, is regarded as Group 1, as indicated in Part 1 of the International Cataloguing Standards Book, or the Authority considers to be the equivalent of a Grade 1 Pattern Race.

61.5 The Rider's application must be made to the Authority's Disciplinary Department

61.5.1 before 1.00p.m. the day before the day of the race the Rider wishes to ride in , or
61.5.2 before 5.00p.m. on the last previous day that the Authority's Office is open for business, if the deadline in 61.5.1 falls on a day on which it is closed.

61.6 Where the Authority exercises its power under Paragraph 61.4 to substitute the period of a Rider's suspension, it may impose such restrictions or conditions as the Authority considers appropriate.