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The Orders and Rules of Racing


67. Person whose name appears in official forfeit list of Recognised Racing Authority

67.1 Where the Authority is notified by a Recognised Racing Authority that a Person's name appears in an official forfeit list published by that Recognised Racing Authority, that Person shall be treated as a Disqualified Person for the purposes of these Rules from the date of such notification until such time as his name is removed from that list.
67.2 The Authority may, on application to it, direct that Paragraph 67.1 shall not apply to such Person as it may specify.
67.3 Any application under Paragraph 67.2 must be made to the Authority's Office before the end of the period of 7 days starting with the day after that on which the Person's name is first published in the relevant official forfeit list.
67.4 The Recognised Racing Authority may make an application to the Authority to be represented at any hearing convened by the Authority in order to determine an application for the purposes of Paragraph 67.2. Any such application shall be determined by the Disciplinary Panel Chairman.
67.5 If the Recognised Racing Authority chooses to make an application pursuant to paragraph 67.4, the application and any subsequent attendance at a hearing shall be at its own expense.