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The Orders and Rules of Racing


71. Consequences of being a Disqualified Person

71.1 For the period of his disqualification, a Disqualified Person must not

71.1.1 act as a Steward or official at a recognised meeting,
71.1.2 act as an Authorised Agent under these Rules,
71.1.3 enter, run, train or ride a horse in any race at a recognised meeting, but this is subject to Paragraph 9 of Schedule (B)2 (which provides for a 14 day period of grace for trainers disqualified for being on Forfeit List),
71.1.4 be employed in any racing stable without first having obtained permission from the Authority under Paragraph 71.2,
71.1.5 enter any premises licensed by the Authority,
71.1.6 deal in any capacity with a racehorse (for example, by selling or placing shares in the horse) unless that Person is making arrangements for the sale of his horse(s) after being declared a Disqualified Person, and he has the Authority's approval to do so,
71.1.7 be a proprietor or a director of an equine swimming pool or be employed at such a pool, or
71.1.8 lease, or continue to lease, any horse that he owns to a third party, unless he has the Authority's approval to do so.

71.2 The Authority may, on an application made to it by a Disqualified Person, grant permission for the Disqualified Person to be employed in any racing stable for the purposes of Paragraph 71.1.4.
71.3 The procedure for making such an application is specified in Paragraph 20 of Schedule 6 (procedure for the granting of such permission).
71.4 Where the Authority finds that a horse has been dealt with in contravention of Paragraph 71.1.6

71.4.1 the horse shall be automatically declared to be suspended from all future racing, and
71.4.2 the suspension shall be removed only when the Authority is satisfied that the horse has been sold on the open market to a purchaser who has no previous connections with the Disqualified Person.

71.5 Where an entry for a race which is made by a Disqualified Person has been mistakenly or inadvertently accepted, the entry shall be void and the horse shall not be qualified to be entered or to start.
71.6 Where a Person registered as an Owner is declared a Disqualified Person that Person may not leave in the care or control of a Trainer, any horse that he owned at the time of being charged or disqualified unless the Authority is satisfied that there has been a genuine sale arrangement.