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The Orders and Rules of Racing

General Manual (A)


73. General powers to disqualify a horse or suspend it from running

73.1 The Authority may disqualify a horse under Rule 74, or suspend it from running under Rule 75, in any circumstances it considers appropriate.
73.2 The disqualification of a horse may apply to one or more races that have already been run.
73.3 Disqualification of a horse under Rule 74 will result in all other placings being altered accordingly unless expressly stated otherwise within the established ground.
73.4 Disqualification of a horse under Rule 74, and the resultant alteration of placings, will take effect from 12.01a.m. on the day after the disqualification is ordered.
73.5 The suspension of a horse from running may apply to prevent the horse from running in

73.5.1 one or more specified races or races of a specified description, and
73.5.2 any future races.

73.6 Suspension of the kind referred to in Paragraph 73.5.2 may be indefinite or may be imposed for such period as the Authority may specify.
73.7 The power under Paragraph 73.5 to suspend a horse from running includes

73.7.1 power to provide for the suspension to take effect automatically where the horse has failed to meet performance criteria set by the Authority, and
73.7.2 power to make the lifting of a suspension subject to such restrictions or conditions as the Authority considers appropriate.

73.8 Where

73.8.1 a Person makes an error, or contravenes a Rule, in entering a horse for a race, and
73.8.2 the appropriate steps specified in Rule (F)78 (steps for correcting certain errors) for correcting the error or contravention have been taken,

the horse shall not be liable to disqualification on account of the error or contravention.