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The Orders and Rules of Racing

Race Manual (B)


Schedule 2 - Requirements for horse to enter race

Requirements as to the horse

1.1 The horse must be the produce of a natural service or covering.
1.2 The sire and dam of the horse must have been the produce of a natural service or covering.
1.3 The horse must

1.3.1 have had a natural gestation in the body of the mare in which it was conceived; and
1.3.2 have been delivered from that body.

1.4 Natural service or covering means the physical mounting of a mare by a stallion and which can include the immediate re-inforcement of the stallion's service or cover by a portion of the ejaculate produced by that stallion during that service or cover of that same mare.
2.1 A horse foaled in Great Britain, Ireland or the Channel Islands may be entered for a race only if its name is entered on the register of horse names in accordance with Chapter 2 of Part (E)2 (registration of names of horses trained in Great Britain).
2.2 Where the name of the horse has been changed, the change must have been made in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 2 of Part (E)2.
2.3 A horse which was foaled outside Great Britain, Ireland or the Channel Islands, and which is also trained or domiciled outside those countries, may be entered for a race only if it is registered with one of the Stud Book Authorities listed in Schedule (E)2 and its name is duly registered by the Recognised Racing Authority in the country of foaling.
3.1 This Paragraph applies to any horse which is trained in Great Britain.
3.2 The horse must have an identifying microchip.
3.3 Where the horse has an identifying microchip, the microchip must have been implanted by a Veterinary Surgeon.
3.4 At any time when a horse which has been declared to run is on Racecourse Property, a Veterinary Officer may examine it for confirmation of the presence of an identifying microchip.
4. The horse must satisfy any other requirement of these Rules that have effect as to the qualification of a horse to enter a race.
4A. The horse must not be the subject of a Non-Racing Agreement registered under Rule (E)26.
4B. In relation to a horse foaled in Great Britain, the application to register the horse must have been made to the Stud Book Authority of Great Britain and Ireland in accordance with Rule (G)1.1.1 (Equine Anti-Doping Rules requirements).

Requirements as to ownership and training

5. In relation to a horse trained in Great Britain, the name of the owner must be entered in the register of owners maintained by the Authority.
6. In relation to a horse trained outside Great Britain, the name of the owner must have been recorded in a corresponding manner by the Racing Authority of the country in which the horse is trained.
7. Where the horse is in the ownership of a Recognised Company, the company must have a Registered Agent.
8. The horse must not be in the ownership or part-ownership of a Disqualified Person.
9.1 The horse must not be in the stable of, or under the care and management of a Disqualified Person.
9.2 Paragraph 9.1 does not apply where

9.2.1 the Disqualified Person is neither the owner nor part-owner,
9.2.2 his disqualification was incurred under Rule (A)66 (person whose name appears on the Forfeit List), and
9.2.3 not more than fourteen days have elapsed since the date of publication of the disqualification in the Forfeit List.

Requirements as to the race

10. The horse must meet the conditions applying to the race.
11.1 The horse must not be subject to a suspension imposed by the Authority or by a Recognised Racing Authority which prevents it from running in the race.
11.2 For the purposes of Paragraph 11.1

11.2.1 entries for races may be accepted during the period of suspension of the horse if the race is due to be run outside that period, and
11.2.2 in the case of suspension by a Recognised Racing Authority, the suspension shall be regarded as immediately effective unless the Authority declares otherwise on the application of the owner or Trainer of the horse.

11.3 The owner or Trainer may not make an application under Paragraph 11.2.2 unless all appeal procedures available under the Rules of the Recognised Racing Authority have been exhausted.
11.4 The application must be made in writing to the Authority's Office before the end of the period of 48 hours starting with the day after that on which

11.4.1 any appeal under the Rules of the Recognised Racing Authority was finally dismissed, or
11.4.2 if there is no procedure for appeal, the order for suspension was made.

11.5 When that period ends on a day on which the Authority's Office is closed, the application will be made in time if done by 5.00pm on the next day on which the Authority's Office is open.
11.6 The Authority may also consider an application made after that time if the owner or Trainer satisfies the Authority that it was not possible to comply with Paragraphs 11.4 or 11.5 and that the application was made at the earliest opportunity.
12. Where the horse has been suspended by the Stewards under Rule (B)15 or by the Authority under Rule (A)75 from running, the horse may not be entered or start for any class 1 or 2 flat race handicap in Great Britain until it has first run in Great Britain in a flat race other than a class 1 or 2 handicap.
13. The horse must not have run at an unrecognised meeting (other than one which has been granted an exemption under Rule (A)38 (participation at unrecognised meetings)).

(This list of requirements for entry for a race also appears in Schedule (F)5.)