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The Orders and Rules of Racing


4. Permits to train granted by the Authority

4.1 A permit to train horses may be granted by the Authority subject to such restrictions or conditions as it considers appropriate.
4.2 A trainer's permit may be granted to allow a Person to train horses which

4.2.1 are the sole property of one or more of the categories of Persons listed in Paragraph 3, and
4.2.2 may be entered for or run in steeple chases, hurdle races or National Hunt Flat Races only.

4.3 The categories of Persons listed in this Paragraph are

4.3.1 the holder of the permit;
4.3.2 his spouse or civil partner;
4.3.3 his parents or grandparents;
4.3.4 his sons or daughters;
4.3.5 his grandchildren;
4.3.6 his brothers or sisters;
4.3.7 a Person who appears to the Authority to be co-habiting with the holder of the permit by reason of a personal relationship; and
4.3.8 the executors or administrators for any of the above.

4.4 For the purposes of Paragraph 4.2.1 the horse must be free of all leases or other joint arrangements apart from those between the Persons for whom the permit holder is entitled to train.
4.5 A Permitted Trainer must, at the request of the Authority at any time, produce evidence of ownership of all horses that are currently, or have been within 12 months preceding the request, under his care or control to satisfy the Authority of the provision specified at Paragraph 4.2.1 of this Rule.
4.6 Where a Permitted Trainer is unable to, or fails to, provide evidence as specified in Paragraph 4.5 of this Rule, he shall be taken to have contravened a requirement imposed on him under these Rules and will be liable to Disciplinary Action.