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The Orders and Rules of Racing


10. General requirements applying to licensed trainers and permitted trainers

10.1 The Authority may

10.1.1 refuse to grant or renew a trainer's licence or permit, or
10.1.2 suspend or withdraw a licence or permit,

if the Authority considers that any of the conditions specified in Paragraph 10.2 are not met.
10.2 The conditions are that

10.2.1 the applicant or the holder of the licence or permit is a suitable Person,
10.2.2 any training establishment used by him is suitable and secure,
10.2.3 training may only be carried out at or from stables in connection with which the licence or permit is granted,
10.2.4 the terms and conditions on which Persons are engaged by him in the training of racehorses are fair and reasonable, and
10.2.5 the holder meets such other requirements as the Authority may from time to time determine.

10.3 For the purpose of determining whether these conditions are met, the Authority may, either on the initial application for a licence or permit or subsequently, inspect the applicant's establishment at such time and with such frequency as it considers appropriate.
10.4 For the purposes of Paragraph 10.2.4, the terms and conditions of service of employees shall be taken to be fair and reasonable if, taken as a whole, they are, or are no less favourable than, the Standard Terms and Conditions.
10.5 The Standard Terms and Conditions means the terms and conditions of service for stable employees which are

10.5.1 established by the National Joint Council for Stable Staff (set up by agreement between the National Trainers Federation and the National Association of Stable Staff), and
10.5.2 set out in Schedule 1.

10.6 Schedule 2 makes further provision as to the requirements applying to any Licensed Trainer or Permitted Trainer with regard to any Person employed by him.