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The Orders and Rules of Racing


18. Information about new horse arriving from outside Great Britain and Ireland

18.1 This Rule applies where

18.1.1 Rule 16.1.1 requires a Licensed Trainer or Permitted Trainer to inform The Racing Calendar Office of the arrival of a new horse, and
18.1.2 the horse arrives from outside Great Britain or Ireland.

18.2 The trainer must obtain details of the horse's racecourse performances and send them to The Racing Calendar Office

18.2.1 before the horse is next entered for a race, or
18.2.2 if the horse already has an entry, before the next Scratching Deadline, confirmation of entry or declaration stage for the race.

18.3 If the horse was foaled outside Great Britain, Ireland or the Channel Islands the trainer must also complete a naming card and send it to The Racing Calendar Office.
18.4 If the trainer also received a passport for such a horse

18.4.1 he must also send that to The Racing Calendar Office after first identifying the horse in accordance with Rule 12,
18.4.2 it will be returned to the trainer after any amendments to markings have been carried out, but
18.4.3 the passport must still be produced on the racecourse in accordance with Rule (E)16 (identity check for horses trained outside GB and Ireland).