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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 2 - HORSES - (E)2 to (E)26

9. Registration of the name

9.1 Where the Authority approves an application it shall register the name of the horse.
9.2 The registration of the name of a horse does not become effective until the day following that on which approval was given.
9.3 A list of registered names (including any names changed under Rule 10) shall be published on the Racing Administration Internet Site.
9.4 In respect of a horse which was foaled outside Great Britain or the Channel Islands

9.4.1 a letter code shall be added to the register to denote the country of foaling, and
9.4.2 this shall form part of the registered name.

9.5 The registration of a name is void if

9.5.1 after registration, it appears to the Authority that any of the conditions specified in Rule 8 were not satisfied at the time of registration, and
9.5.2 the Authority directs that the registration shall be void.

9.6 The registration of a name is suspended if

9.6.1 after registration, it is found that that the horse's breeder made an inaccurate, misleading or fraudulent declaration at the time of registration with the Stud Book of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and
9.6.2 the Authority directs that the registration shall be suspended.